Come to Life
1. Path No. 8
2. Come To Life
3. I Decide
4. Left In Mud
5. Wearing Death
6. Time Is Now
7. Cold Light
8. The Wall
9. The Awakening
10. Distant Fire
11. Prescribed Mind Decay
In Creep's Clothing
1. In Creep's Clothing
2. Fly
3. Emptiness In Perfection
4. Deceiver
5. Haven & Lies
6. Dead World
7. Just A Scream
8. Restless
9. We Are D.R.U.
10. Wasting Life
11. Back Into Earth
12. Pain

Deathtiny, a play on words originating from the words destiny and death, was breathed to life by guitarist Dennis Buffing in 2003. After many formation changes Deathtiny found its final line-up with the singer Julia Mann, in 2009. With her expressive voice she put them in the Melodic Dark Metal genre.

Deathtiny stands for strong riff-oriented songs with a carrying melody, rock and classic singing paired with aggressive shouts. The band stands out with their dynamic songs and deep lyrics, pinnacling with their high energy live shows.

In Creeps Clothing, the first album with Julia on vocals, has been released by STF Records in 2014. The band played some shows and received some new fans. In September 2017 they ll release their next album Come To Life, again on STF Records. It will contain a load of catchy songs, melodies and head-banging riffs.

Deathtiny is going to set an exclamation mark in the female metal genre and above.

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  1. Deathtiny: Path No. 8
  2. Deathtiny: Come To Life
Julia Mann- Vocals
Dennis Buffing- Guitars, Vocals
Anselm Wolf- Keyboards
Andreas Herzfeld- Bass
Tobias Brezler-Drums
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