Face in the Dust
1. Brick
2. Black Hole
3. All the Fucking Sluts
4. Runaway
5. Face in the Dust
6. Sick Soldiers
7. Skull Behind Your Face
8. Enemy
9. Members of Oldschool
10. Never Say No

The metal / hardcore band Broken Key can look back on a 7-year band history.
After several small demos, the first EP KickAss was officially marketed via STF Records. Beginning of 2016 the first album "Face In The Dust" was recorded.
The five-member band by singer and lyricist René achieve ways of Groove Metal with slight touches of other styles, that are produced catchy by the two guitarists Tommy and Marcus. Carlo cares on drums and Robin on bass for the driving beat .
"Face In The Dust" is a multi-faceted album, which will remain all attentive audience in mind and live encourages everyone to mosh.

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  1. Broken Key: Face in the Dust
  2. Broken Key: Sick Soldiers
René Richter - Gesang
Marcus Griebel - Gitarre
Tommy Kogut - Gitarre
Robin Schuchardt - Bass
Carlo Hagedorn - Schlagzeug
Broken Key
All The Fucking Sluts Live
Broken Key
Broken Key
Face In The Dust Live
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