Blood & Thunder
1. A Glorious Mess
2. Keep The Rage
3. Unleashed
4. D.E.A.D.B.E.A.T
5. The Doomsayer
6. Moonshine Dynamite
7. When Blood Runs Cold
8. Behind The Mask Of A Faceless Man
9. Hellride
10. Black Death
11. Hammer Of Justice

A new chapter has been opened ... and its name is: IRONBITE
The time has come for changes and other ways! There are explored new possibilities and no distance is too far!
Currish, melodic, stomping, uncompromising hard and metallic is the direction in which it marches relentlessly! Under a new banner and with the brand new debut album "BLOOD & THUNDER", thus a new story is now started and retold.
Eleven songs that extend across the entire spectrum of Hard Rock and Metal and beyond. every one of them told this story from his own past, present and future! Be addressed, inter alia, it serious events of the real world, personal experiences, fantasy-dominated events, and degenerating-wild carousing!
The superior and quite striking artwork was created by Patrick Wittstock of "Azrael Design".
Recorded and produced was album of Gary Nagy and the publication takes place via STF RECORDS!
Stay IRON / BITE Hard

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  1. Ironbite: Hellride
  2. Ironbite: Moonshine Dynamite
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