Raise Chaos - Live in Milan
1. Intro
2. Elements Of Wrath
3. The Shepherd Dog
4. War Was Won
5. Shreds Of Humanity
6. The Dark Fields
7. Divine Hideout
8. Slaughter Of The Innocents
9. React, Reborn
10. Not One Of Them
11. Politicians
12. State Oppression
13. Empty Tankard
14. Ace Of Spades

IRREVERENCE was founded in 1995 by Riccardo Paioro, which found in Davide Firinu the right person to start the project. In 1997 the band was permanently formed: Riccardo Paioro (guitar & vocals), Davide Firinu (drums), Giuliano Strozzi (bass guitar), Luca Petrazzuolo (lead guitar). The first demo is released in 1998, followed the year after by a new recording. In 2000 they signed with STONEHENGE RECORDS to produce and record the debut CD TOTALLY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS that has been released in 2001.
At the beginning of 2002 Giuliano and Luca leave the band. Ricky and Davide met Stefano Bertolotti who joined the band as lead guitarist. The line-up was completed by Mauro Passiatore on bass guitar. In 2002 the band auto-produce an EP with historical producer Harris Johns at Spiderhouse Studios in Berlin. The result is TARGET: HATE that has been released in February 2003. Few months later Stefano leaves the band, and Luca Colombo, an old friend of the band, joins the combo as guitar player.
On Summer 2005, Irreverence entered the studio again to record the third studio work, WAR WAS WON. They choose to come back at Spiderhouse Studios in Berlin. On Fall 2005 the band signs a new record deal with ON DEAD SOUND RECORDS. On 2007 the combo stops the collaboration with ON DEAD SOUND RECORDS due to lack of activities and promotion and MALKROSS UNITY, an independent label, release a BEST-OF cd called INTO BATTLE SINCE 1995 that has been spread through the world and sold over 2500 copies. On Summer 2007 the band records a cover version of the TANKARDs classic song BEERMUDA that is included in the Official Tribute BEST CASE SCENARIO released by AFM RECORDS.
On September 2009 the band signed a new record deal with NOISEHEAD RECORDS, to release the new studio-work. On January 2010 the band entered NOISEHEAD STUDIOS to record the new album named UPON THESE ASHES. TOM ANGELRIPPER, historical singer of the germans SODOM, appears as guest voice on one track of the new record. On June 2010 Mauro Passiatore decides to leave the band cause of a personal and familiar choices. The band find in Marco Mattioli a valid temporary substitute. Marco plays some shows with the band including ROCK HARD FESTIVAL ITALY with SODOM, GRAVE DIGGER and many more. Irreverence chosen to record the live to release it as the first official live since band foundation.
On January 2011 the band find in Gigi Corinto the right musician to join the band and definitevely replace Mauro.
After a lot of tourdates in the context of TOUR IN THE ASHES 2011 and the great experience had with IN UNION WE THRASH TOUR 2012, on September 2012 due to different causes two members leave the band. Luca Colombo leaves the band due to a significant changes in his lifestyle and goals. Gigi Corinto leaves the band too, cause of some personal reasons and musical commitments with the other bands he plays with. Right before this events, the band broke the record deal with NOISEHEAD RECORDS, cause of too many lacks of promotion and professional engagement. The band starts auditions for new members to come, and on October 2012 the first piece finds its place: Stefano Trulla (ex-POLAR BEERS) joins the band as new bass player. The auditions for the vacant role of guitar player goes on, and many musicians try to join the opportunity. On December 2012 the choice is made: Eros Melis (ex-HOLY MARTYR) definitevely joins the band as new soloist guitar. In January 2014 the band signs a new record deal with NADIR MUSIC to release the new album, the fifth. On March 2014 Irreverence entered NADIR MUSIC STUDIOS to record SHREDS OF HUMANITY that has been released on May 2014. Following to the new release the band starts a long touring both in Italy and Europe. On September 2015 the band celebrates its 20th Anniversary playing a very special show in Milan with a lot of guests musicians and friends involved on-stage.


Demo 1998 (1998 - Self-production)
Demo 1999 (1999 - Self-production)
Totally Negative Thoughts (2000 - Stonehenge Records)
Target: Hate EP (2003 - Self-production)
War Was Won (2005 - On Dead Sound Records)
Best Case Scenario: 25 Years In Beer (TRIBUTE TO TANKARD) (2007 - AFM Records)
Upon These Ashes (2010 - Noisehead Records)
Shreds Of Humanity (2014 - Nadir Music)

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Riccardo Paioro (Gesang, Gitarre)
Eros Melis (Gitarre)
Stefano Trulla (Bass)
Davide Firinu (Drums)
Not One Of Them
Slaughter Of The Innocents
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