Kalasy Pad Siarpom
1. Spoviedź z-pad šybienicy
2. Čalaviek padvojnaj zorki
3. Jablyčny smak
4. Spačatku bylo slova
5. Kali šumiać daždžy...
6. Pramieńniem nadziei
7. Daroha biez viartańnia
8. Daliejšy šliach (Ruch II)
9. Onto the Battlefield

Hok-key is unique and vivid representative of the Belarusian metal scene, which marked its presence in the release of 5 full-length albums and numerous singles and EP.

Hok-key has taken the path from the original comedy metal and inventing texts directly to its present form - philosophical texts and regular musical and sound experiments, but not beyond the heavy, melodic, metal with folk influences.

The band is broadcasted on radio stations, actively participates in various festivals and concerts both at home and abroad. Live performances of the group are remarkable not only with musical and sound quality, but also with the drive and heartfelt lyricism combined with beautiful and unusual sounds of violin. Musicians are always convincing and honest in their work and feel the power of authenticity, genuineness of feelings and emotions, the band really believes in its songs and this belief infects and inspires!

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  1. Hok-key: Čalaviek padvojnaj zorki
  2. Hok-key: Spoviedź z-pad šybienicy
Yaraslau Sapunou - guitar, keyboards
Alexander Volchek - bass
Dzmitry Rudovich - vocals
Kseniya Marachkina - violin
Oleg Kantsov - drums
Daliejsy sliach (Ruch II)
26.08.2017: "Postavy 2017 Open-Air - City Holiday", Postavy, Belarus
31.08.2017: "SUMMER DEADLINE Festival", Minsk, Belarus
Club Concert
07.10.2017: "Bezdna Club", Minsk, Belarus
Album Presentation