The Chronicles Pt. II
1. Introduction
2. Who Am I
3. Morva's Marshes
4. Man of the Land
5. Cantrevs of Prydain
6. Judgement Day
7. Temptation
8. The Fate of Fools
9. My Land of Pain
10. Summer's End

Lucid Dreaming is the brainchild of Elvenpath guitarist Till Oberboßel. A project createt to tell a fantasy story with the voices of some of the most extraordinary singers of the (underground) metal scene.
The first album was released in 2013. The second album is now done.
The following vocalists blessed the second Lucid Dreaming album with their outstanding voices:
Alexis Warnabot (Hürlement)
Dragutin Kremenovic (Elvenpath)
Jiri BogBoss Valter (Root)
Jutta Weinhold (ex-Zed Yago, Jutta Weinhold Band)
Jvo Julmy (Distant Past, ex-Emerald)
Leo Stivala (Forsaken)
Marco Concoreggi (Dexter Ward, ex-Battleroar)
Rogue Marechal (Shadowkeep)
Ruth Knepel (ex-Opalessence)
Tann (Ironsword)
Torsten Buddy Kohlrausch (Dark At Dawn)
Conceptual album mixed and mastered by Uwe Lulis (Accept, ex-Grave Digger, ex-Rebellion). Less keyboards, less cheese, more Metal!

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  1. Lucid Dreaming: Who Am I
  2. Lucid Dreaming: Morva's Marshes
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