ravenheartmusic Februar 2015 über Deathtiny:

Formed in 2001, Deathtiny comes from South Germany and is fronted by Julia Mann, with male vocals compliments of guitarist Dennis Buffing. The band has a somewhat varied musical style ranging from Symphonic Metal to more extreme Death/Black Metal styles, but offering up at the same time a basketful of melody. Plenty here on this their latest release to sink your teeth into, with second track, the melodically charged 'Fly' so catchy, the tune will refuse to leave your head long after it has finished. 'Emptiness in Perfection' has an awesome synths intro before it kicks in good and proper knocking you back against your living room wall in the process. For a band that I and others here at Ravenheart have not really heard much about, this release is rather good. Julia is backed up by a fine compliment of musicians, with some awesome guitar work from Dennis. And at times, Julia reminds me of Nell (Theater of Tragedy and The Crest) in the vocal department. Not much to fault to be honest with closer 'Pain' an epic 11 + minute blockbuster. Deathtiny (www.deathtiny.com) offers up strong riff-oriented songs with pounding catchy melodies, coupled with occasional aggressive shouts. Well recommended so check them out, released last November.. 9.25/10 (The Nugget)