lyricalspellmagazine Januar 2017 über Hydra:

Solar Empire is an amazing new album and really defines Hydra nowadays. Theres a good balance between soft and heavy elements throughout the whole album, and you can hear several new influences such as folk metal. You can hear the bagpipes, flute, violin and the harp, which are played by the amazing guest musicians. Lisas voice fits in perfectly with the music, and that is also up to the mixing and mastering for a very big part, and it is just all very well done. It is a neat, clean, beautiful album (and look at that artwork on the cover!). I look forward to hear them live someday!
Hydra is a symphonic metal band from Regensburg, Germany. Solar Empire is their second album, after Malachite Skies that was released in 2015. On the new record, there are a few guests; Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus In Musica), Henning Basse (Firewind, Mayan) and Jule Dahs. The Laurentions Singers are featured as choir. Solar Empire is the band’s first concept album.
The 11 songs tell a story about a loving couple. The female protagonist Lanya is living in a world called Lunar, while the male protagonist Amran is an inhabitant on Solys. They fell in love already when meeting for the first time. Aware of the fact, that their love is not tolerated, they had no other choice but to follow their hearts. Solar Empire tells the story of a forbidden relationship, of clashes, suppression and sorrow. The story, which is called Solar Empire – Scent of the Wolves.
Its a good ending of 2016, and an awesome way to start 2017 for Hydra.