ravenheartmusic Juli 2016 über Envinya:


(STF Records) Reviewed 12th July 2016

Magical, exciting and sexy - this is Envinya on this their new album The Harvester (due to drop 15th Jul). The sextet from Munich with the exceptional female singer Mery Diaz Serrano at the helm fits only partially in the genre of countless other female fronted metal bands. Founded in 2006, the band released in 2013 their debut Inner Silence, which was well received worldwide albeit with a different singer (Natalie Pereira dos Santos). Now in 2016, this new album starts with a short instrumental intro, something that seems to be quite common now with regards this type of music. This then leads us into the quirky Bewitched that moves along at quite a gallop, some bewitching guitar work within this track too coupled with Mery Diaz Serrano’s poppy almost sexy vocal style. Nightdweller is another goodie, a bouncy number offering up a near folky feel at times and the title track maintains the up tempo momentum, with a subtle electro feel. And the music continues to rattle along at quite a pace, tracks like Stormchaser with its catchy chorus, the belting Valiant that flirts with power metal, the middle eastern feel of Outsider, we even have a song about a frog, and they all hit the spot. With this album, Envinya show for what they stand for today: innovation, charisma and explosiveness. Musically the songs are clearly in the classic melodic metal mold, but the guitarists Thomas and Mike often poach into much harder shores, making the sound totally independent and innovative. A good release and recommended to all and sundry, although I must admit that it didn’t quite hit me on the first listen!... 8.5/10 (Dave)