lyricalspellmagazine Februar 2017 Łber Enfeeble:

Enfeeble is a mix of melodic thrash, metalcore and progressive metal, coming to you from the north of Germany. They are a five piece band, but the songs on Momentum of Tranquility were written mostly by Pascal, and it took the whole band in general about seven months to put it all together. The album was released in July 2016, through STF-Records, which was a big step forward for them.

I gave this album a couple of listening sessions, and I still honestly donít know what to think. The case and cdís seem to have a great production value, but I canít hear the same back in the music. Maybe it is just me, I am not a progressive and thrash type of person. On the other had, I do like me some metalcoreÖ

To me it seems I do not understand the essence of the album, and I would say that everyone has to listen themselves to form an opinion on Momentum of Tranquility. I really liked the fact that a lot of pieces were indeed melodic, but the rest just kind of sounds the same. Also for the clean vocals, I think they would sound better without. Donít forget to mention the cover and booklet artwork, it looks fantastic!