Brutalism 29.3.2013 über Aegror:

Aegror was founded in 2009 by to create a new and unique style of dark and epic music which led to the crushing debut LP “De Morbis”. In 2010 they created the vision of a new style of dark and passionate metal with an unique sound. The result was the debut-record "De Morbis" which was released in 2010. Where by "De Morbis" was influenced by different styles of black metal, the songs on their 2013 EP "Forgotten Tales..." were more open-minded than before and claims to have created something really new incorporating a focus on Jazz, Tech Death, Post Rock, Classical, Pop and Electronic music. The musical direction of Aegror turned into a new experimental, brutal and emotional dimension.

Buried In Oblivion
Mind bending start to a mesmerizing track with building crescendos of evil fretwork and heavy guttural vocal that contains a prominent blackened theme. The slowing part of the track contains a lot of simple rhythms that gain strength with powerful blast beats that in turn give the track strong balance and feel.

Atmospheric start that adds intrigue and a massive appealing sound. Superb vocals offering gruff and scathing and higher pitched screeches which compliments each other perfectly. Riffs are simple but effective in obtaining total contrast to the frenzied kick beats.

Amazing fretwork with accompanying frenzy of beats that span the track and offer an interesting combination of sound. Vocally superb all the pieces of this track fit together tremendously well and gives a grazing melodic feel of blackness.

One To Lead
Brilliant array of riffs that fire ferociously and a battering ram of grating blast beats takes over. This track creates an inspiring mood with a nice destructive conclusion. The tones setting the way for violent structures in heaviness and rhythms.

Behind Walls
Creative stringed arrangement that is encompassing and solid. Slow and plodding but never loses its interest and as the track carries on it explodes into a mighty heavy chug. Offering great diversity and without a doubt my favorite track on this E.P. although hard to choose one as they are all rhythmically perfect. The driving rhythmic frenzy of power on this track alone warrants some credit as it has captured the elements of brutal with beautiful so nicely with even a clean vocal that suits the trappings of the track perfectly and gives an eerie perfect atmospheric sound. Really awesome sound!

Five tracks of genius – each one offers something varying and different with an overall black theme and elements of death metal it is one of the most intense listens for an EP I have heard in a long time. Hardly surprising really as the Germans always seem to know where to hit for maximum musical annihilation and this EP has done that and more – it simply shows an artistic and creative talent that is raw and unadulterated – so listen out for Aegror I think they will go the distance and become one of the top bands!

Once listening to this EP there certainly will be nothing forgotten – Outstanding! Creative, Diverse, Powerful, Brutal, Melodic – you want it you got it all in just 5 tracks from Aegror!!!! Buy it!!!! Highly recommended listening... there’s no going back when you do – Totally addictive! - See what you get for being broad-minded???

Rating 5/5