24.12.2013 über Aegror:

This is a compilation album released by Malevolence Records of the bands who played Metal Over Oostrozebeke Festival!

Things open up with US thrash/crossover quartet Mad at Sam and “D.C. (District of Criminals” whose anti-establishment/political corruption rhetoric combines superbly with their fast paced punk influenced thrash onslaught! One speed, one intent! No mercy! [7] German band Aegror contribute two tracks which considerably change the tone from thrash to an intense and savage black/death crusade as “Behind Walls” brings a level of subtle melody to proceedings, a hint of refinery in a deluge of crushing metal! Aegror play with a ferocity there is no doubt yet they temper their fury remarkably with melodic undertones and interludes. “Prophecy” is a more relentless prospect, ravenous and dark but with the same clash of styles as before. An excellent blend! [8]

Its a return to thrash for the next segment as Belgian thrashers Sanity’s Rage hit into “Once You Cross”, a fast rumbling track with a hint of death metal influence about them, mainly the drumming. Sporting a more modern sound, Sanity’s Rage also combine a more intricate and melodic tone in places so as to break up the incessant heaviness whilst their lyrical content is of a powerful nature. “Taste of Decay” is a direct force of catchy riffs and attitude strewn anarchic vocals, great solos and crushing drums. A real taste of the new wave of Thrash in Europe! [8]

I love T.C.F, a band sadly no longer with us! “Mean Machine” sees the band at their finest full throttle and abrasive best, heavily punk influenced, this is a true stand up and fight anthem from a band who really knew how to throw down the gauntlet! R.I.P Brothers! [7] Belgian thrash merchants Leave Scars and their opening track “The Arrival” have one of the fullest and most intense thrash sounds I’ve heard! Played at speed but with a bass laden sound that catches you off guard at first, the bands sound is an all encompassing bubble of loud, aggressive sound! “Trapped” is more of the same, brutally honest and in your face modern thrash that gets under your skin! Superbly executed and a joy to experience. [8]

To see out the compilation we have three special bands. What a better place to start than Bay Area thrashers Ulysses Siren and “Justifiable Homicide” which sees the guys in a fine flurry of speed induced madness! Seriously old school riffs, in your face attitude and even some haunting chant like backing vocals… what more could you possibly want? [8] Californian band Kaos get in on the act too with “Blood Red Eyes” and a much more savage, malicious sounding thrash rampage! Yet despite the onslaught this is also a catchy hook laden beast featuring raw vocals and some awesome chugging riffs! Ever the anthem producer, Kaos sadly no longer march on! [8.5]

To finish things off with is Dutch thrash sensation X-Tinxion and their track “The Divine”. Featuring a dual vocalled approach of attack like menace and cleaner powerful female vocals, the bands approach to thrash hints at the old school whilst taking the genre forward! Indeed Monica Janssen’s dual vocal capabilities are indeed spectacular whilst the musical aspect of the band is tight, powerful and engaging! What a way to finish this superb compilation, with a real taste of the future of thrash! [9]