05/05/2014 Łber Hok-key:

Hok-key is a band which exists quite a few years, 20 years is a memorable period! Why is it
weíve never heard about this band? Well, the explanation is simple they experiment a lot with
their sound. This means they arenít always producing the same kind of music. Since the time
they added a violin-player to the band, itís obvious their music changed. One of the things a
violin is very suitable for is of course folk, so itís an obvious choice to explore this element.
One of the aspects Hok-key tried before are Belarus lyrics, and Iím glad they used this on their
new album Znak Biady.
The album has quite a nice start and surely is one which keeps me interested. Kalinaj
Čyrvonaj, the third track shows all kind of nice elements the band has in store, the violin, the
warm clean male vocals, the good female vocals, the solid guitars, but a lot of clean guitar-
riffs as well. Nice, nice, nice, a bit a shame there are some weak spots in this song, because
thereís a lot of nice stuff in it.
In Klič kryvi, we can hear the bass-player isnít only supporting the bands sound, but has some
nice pieces of his own, great stuff.
You can not state Hok-key is a folk-metal band, but referring to their music as folk-influenced
melodic metal is quite nailing it, I think.
The worst thing about the band is the name, itís better to pretend itís a local dialect meaning
ĎBeautiful Belarusí or something like that and not what we all think it is.

Itís not dripping of folk, but it has nice folk-elements, combined with good music. I can only
conclude Hok-key is going in the right direction and I can spot no Znak Biady (Sign of
Misfortune) at all. I hope they keep exploring their possibilities, but they may stay on the track
theyíre on, as far as Iím concerned.