MetalSceneBlog 12.05.2016 über Hok-key:

From Belarus HOK-KEY offer us a Melodic Metal combining Heavy Riffs and Violín Melodies and
Belarusian lyrics.

Since 1994 this project start playing series of concertar in cities of Belarus as a Comedy Metal
band, playing many concertar, festivals, tv talk shows…

After a timeout they return in 2005 as Melodic Metal band with Violin.

Recorded some LP’s and EP’s

2007- LP “All Hok-Key!”

2009- LP “Ad Libitum”

2011- experimental EP “Legacy”

2012- LP “R.I.P”

2013- EP “Illuminati”

In 2014 they release their LP “Znak Biady” (“Time of Misfortune”) with Belarusian lyrics and
folk Rock influences.

2015- EP “Just Time”

Actually they are working on a new album to release it possibly this autumn.

Hok-Key are:

Alexander Volchek- Bass

Oleg Kontsov- Drums, Percussion

Yaroslav Sapunov- Guitars, Keyboards

Irina Sapunova- Violin

Roman Ramanyuk – Vocals


MS-How do you describe your music?

HK-Now we define ourselves as a melodic metal, combining heavy riffs with melodies of violin
. Since 1994, the band played “parody metal”, in 2006, after going to the current composition,
our music has gradually evolved – more melodic, more folk motifs, more symphonic.
Accordingly, less humor.

MS-Hok-key has a long time on the road, How do you make the band works?
HK-Our band was established in 94, so we had a long road, band stopped its activity there
were several reunions, but anyway, we are still active and write new songs. The main reason
is that we all live with this music and do not want to give up, we like what we do and we are
ready to play our songs live. When you believe that you can do something – so stand up and
do it!

MS-Wich are your influences?
HK-I do not think that we are more influenced by different bands, we are more influenced by
what is happened around in the world: wars, crimes, politics – all of this gives us a great push
to write new songs. Actually all members of our band listen to different kinds of music, but in
general, we are influenced by old school metal, such as Paradise Lost, Megadeth, Amorphis.

MS-Your lyrics are in Belarusian so… HK-What do you lyrics talk about?
We have used it at is our native language and now it is really in danger, it is disappearing.

Our lyrics are about history of Belarus, some of them has real historical background.
Some of our songs deal with sense of life, about a place of a human being in present world.
Some of them are philosophical, they try to make people think, about what is happening

MS-What do you want to offer to your fans throgh your music?
HK-We want to bring our feelings, our emotions, our mood to the listeners. Some of them are
positive, some are sad, some makes you to think. These are honest songs, because they deal
with our feelings.

MS-What motivate you to keep creating your music?
HK-We believe that we can change the world to better one, we really want to make people not
only watch TV or browse the Net, but to think themselves, analyze the world, stand up and do
We want people to remember their roots and make present better.

MS-You have play in many shows along your carrer
HK-How do you describe the experience to play in many festivals and going on tour?
We have played quite a lot of shows in our country and abroad, we had big tour across Europe
last year, so we think that it is the best thing in the world. You play for different people, you
share your feelings with them, you talk to them after the concert – this is really cool.
People speak different languages, but all of them understand the language of music, which has
no borders and no limits – and that’s perfect.
Every gig and every show is interesting in its own way – gigs in small clubs and great open air
shows – both of them are interesting, as they have their own atmosphere

MS-Wich are the plans for the future for Hok-key?
HK-Currently we are working on new album, work has been started already, so I think we will
have new album this autumn. We would like to invite some special guests for it, and this will
be a surprise.
For sure, we want to make video to support it.
We also want to make big European tour to support our album – we think it will happen in

Here you can follow HOK-KEY